After a bad day I could understan tha big problem of the majority of peruvian is the unhonestly, hipocresy and the commpression reading if ain’t wrong the order people had should knew how drive a car, how talk with any woman or georgous man for example a girl with a bad behavier calling ” Yajaira &#%@#” believe with a little money could change the world, well she is wrong because I have money too, my favorite sport team is ALIANZA LIMA but I don’t have these uglies ideas…. I need make  better my british grammar .

Take care

Je nie sie parle spagnole.


About my time and my money…

In Does exist a spot ” the time is money”
and still believe in that cuz all the time the used to know people; bad, good, too mad and clever learned me the meaning about a friendship and the diferent betwen in a friend, a partner, an acquitance, a relative and enough an enemy, the last one I would prefer because they are big teacher.

I`m not a star , neither a trillionarie only a person whom quickly mind.

Three advices:
1-Never stole a coin to Jedwish
2-If you want to hurt “ego” of someone, thinking if this pearon know english and may be is learnig german.
3 – Don`t trust in the pretty face they are the most evil (like me 😉 )