Medicine is good ?

After abou emotional shock with the computers the facebook´s and my ex e-mails I was to pretend couldn´t read or understand english so I guess for my secure if only the 4 percent could speak about the # DEEP WEB ( Hidden Web) then I’m triying to be georgous so I’m in a difficult country, my country men and country women don´t speak english in fact well the majority but they could speak QUECHUA ( Runa – Sumi) or spanish so I need recived the medicine by a doctor because I’m not from USA, I´m not Mark Zuckerberg and I´m not millionaire, please if  you read it make a pray for my life and my soul. THANK YOU



After a bad day I could understan tha big problem of the majority of peruvian is the unhonestly, hipocresy and the commpression reading if ain’t wrong the order people had should knew how drive a car, how talk with any woman or georgous man for example a girl with a bad behavier calling ” Yajaira &#%@#” believe with a little money could change the world, well she is wrong because I have money too, my favorite sport team is ALIANZA LIMA but I don’t have these uglies ideas…. I need make  better my british grammar .

Take care

Je nie sie parle spagnole.

About my time and my money…

In Does exist a spot ” the time is money”
and still believe in that cuz all the time the used to know people; bad, good, too mad and clever learned me the meaning about a friendship and the diferent betwen in a friend, a partner, an acquitance, a relative and enough an enemy, the last one I would prefer because they are big teacher.

I`m not a star , neither a trillionarie only a person whom quickly mind.

Three advices:
1-Never stole a coin to Jedwish
2-If you want to hurt “ego” of someone, thinking if this pearon know english and may be is learnig german.
3 – Don`t trust in the pretty face they are the most evil (like me 😉 )

A police, a hacker and a nice translator ……

 One day, my life began more and more sadly only because I trust in the wrong person while mine desires of travel to Chile increase I have to say good bye  “pacharacos, chichatones, popular song”.

I accept the idea of growing up betwen people ugly and have to met liers person in my way but I’ve never feel so stressed with the security of Lima, and around this town…..

I feel so tired of have to count and talking “again”, the same history.

php is better than hmtl 5 ???

Well, a person like you in a few moment coul speak in his disagredable spanish.


Cuyani INTI


Ay si!!! que miedo La Deep Web: Habrá un THOR latinoamericano ?

Ni te hagas el Nikkei, que ya nos tienes podridos con tu apellidito.
Zicco “DANIEL” De la Vega De la Vega
I wonder if you know
How they live in Tokyo
If you see me then you mean it
Then you know you have to go
fast and furious (drift, drift, drift)
fast and furious (drift, drift, drift)

(Japanese verse)
Rasha ii, omachito sama
kenso mamiro konoma chinoenso dama
tamama ichii do itsu eoi de
sikayju miryu suruhudoni ko kana
Japan, Ichiban
Jump around sawchirono deban
Teriyaki Boyz in the place to be
he said intyaro kai in VIP

many many diamonds danglin
Bag full of money we stranglin
Hate me, fry me, bake me, try me
All the above cuz you can’t get in
I don’t want no problem
Because muy professional
Make you, shake you, ketsu (Thank you!)
Haters take it personal

(Japanese verse)
like kakanada tai tets o now
drop it on lets go now
na nachima mai nimits o
lets not chiki chima over
wets go nets go
tsuhilohilo over every color
esgo esgol
ju waktu chunai niikro
new waksu itsukunai pingpoi

I wonder if you know
How they live in Tokyo
If you see me then you mean it
Then you know you have to go
Fast and furious (drift, drift, drift)
Fast and furious (drift, drift, drift)

(Japanese verse)
HI. Wakashteruya
Boyz. ateyuma kitobas
noise. manshij kitemas indaghe
tow banow gazmo windemas
beyshiku wasupplies
de. majmanchika abunai
te. ninjehu kenjahu
dakido geisha
all on the rocks say

Should see me in the parking lot
7-11 is the spot
Fights with wings and shiny things
And lions, tigers, bears, Oh my ride
We’re furious and fast
Super sonic like JJ Fad
An’ we rock cuz the wheels are fly
Can’t be doubt with a baseball bat

(Japanese verse)
like kakaru a
kiyo koto sa
matata in dey soki sayk yo
ingosipta shito fokusai
tekimatzailo kwanzai
fola kwanza
fara daka bumotosto
dojidas score four points
from far east coast to
dosi sai
watashi no kansito

I wonder if you know
How they live in Tokyo
If you see me then you mean it
Then you know you have to go
Fast and furious (drift, drift, drift)
Fast and furious (drift, drift, drift)

(Japanese verse)
ya, ichipa mayni chito kitong kitas
hito aylam tobi tobida
mueruyo shito bochi bochi na
kuma nigi dasusu kochi kochi eh
hito a puro do resow
machu subetenu rekong
mechakari mundantesha
fu guchaw chan
fast an furious

It’s gotta be the shoes
Gotta be the furs
That’s why ladies choose me
All up in the news
Cuz we so cute
That’s why we so huge
Harajuku girls know how i feel
They respect i keeps it real
Not a Chinaman cuz I ain’t from China man
I am Japan man

(Girls Talking) You see Nigo coming out of the black Benz SLR.
I wonder where he get that kind of money?
Don’t worry about it.
Lets Go

I wonder if you know
How they live in Tokyo
If you see me then you mean it
Then you know you have to go
Fast and furious (drift, drift, drift)
Fast and furious (drift, drift, drift)

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One day like today I´ve bega my trininning in south America, for be more  than a smart and clever person until now the things gonna wrong because one peruvian police only said a lot of lies  about mine step brother (the last one) and how he  speak in japanese, i would do more jokes about his personality.

Lesi duplei

mine french is uglly.


your answer was pornography  😛


Después de doce años, y con mucho coraje tengo que admitir como cualquier peruana(o) de nacimiento es un honor poder apreciar el mestizaje y riqueza del Perú en cada una de sus veinticuatro regiones, así mismo me es grato reconocer que después de un difícil periodo de pobreza, el septentrional país de las maravillas, una vez más es elogiado por la disciplina ejercida tanto en sus fuerzas militares como policíacas, también hoy en día se aprecia que el nivel de corrupción va disminuyendo gradualmente con miras a que en los próximos años podamos ser reconocidos no solo como un país más de América del Sur, si no como uno que líderes en economía, en educación y sobre todo en integridad de sus habitantes.

Tras muchos de haber tolerado los errores que se cometió en gobierno pasado, observo hoy en día que en regiones del oriente del país lo prometido no ha sido olvidado, si en un momento protesté por las ventas y/o alquileres a entidades privadas del litoral, hoy lo apoyo, pues si no fuese así seguiría desordenado y descuidado, sucio y maloliente, se verifica en una perspectiva que los sectores más pobres de esta desordenada capital han ido surgiendo creciendo así la citada clase media, responsables de fomentar la disciplina y orden, recuperar su capital, embellecer su ya trastocada “Ciudad de los Reyes”.

Concluyó esté escrito sin más preámbulo que decir: valoro mucho la cultura oriental, a pesar de formar parte del círculo NIKEI; y para los que no reconocen las mínimas y escasas diferencias con otros asiáticos, les recomiendo no volverlos a llamar -nipones.